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Created 19-Feb-16
Modified 19-Feb-16
Images are divided into color and monochrome. Often the same image will be present in both galleries.

This is a “Gallery in Progress”. I am busy working on perfecting more images that will be added only when they are ready.
Keep looking here, more to be added soon.

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Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of these images. I can be reached, by phone, at 1-(559) 305-3163 or

I recently spent 18 days in the Republic of Ireland, on a photography excursion. The excursion began in Co. Donegal, at the Northern tip, and I wended my way down the “Wild Atlantic Way” (roughly) to the Southern tip and then up to Dublin.

The purpose of my travels was to photograph as many ancient sites as I could. These images chronicle that excursion and now include only a portion of the images that I will be depositing here.

Check back every week, or so, to see the new entries. What you see now is only progress, thus far.